Before taking the seed(s), drink 1 to 2 glasses of water first to clear up the stomach for better absorption. bite it with your front teethes until it turns pieces then swallows it with water only.

Yes, it is taste extremely bitter, but when you get used to it, you will no longer feel the bitterness anymore. This will improve the absorption as it has turned pieces and mixed with your saliva. After taking the seed, you must drink plenty of water. (1 glass = 250 ml). Take 2 - 5 seeds depending on the size.

General Health
Seed - Take 1 seed (small to medium size seed) for  each Morning, Afternoon(optional) and Evening

Chronic illness:
Seed - Take 2 (medium size seed) Morning, Afternoon and Evening.


Break the seed and make it fine Powder and consume it with warm water.

*Note: All best taken before any meal


Please follow the direction given on the amount of seed(s) should be taken per day. Overdose ( 10 seeds to 12 seeds per dose ) may cause blood pressure level drops dramatically and lead to dizziness or faint.

Pregnant and lactating (breast feeding) women are advisable not to take the seed.

Sky Fruit Side Effects

Due to the relative absence of conclusive research on sky fruit and its health effects, sky fruit seed side effects are currently as obscure as its benefits. There is indeed currently no consumer report telling that sky fruit causes side effects; however, based on established scientific theories, there are indeed unwanted effects that may occur if its active flavonoid ingredient is taken excessively.


Neither the efficacy nor the side effects of sky fruit have been fully researched. So far, sky fruit’s efficacy is affirmed mostly by anecdotal reports. Nevertheless, with a lot of consumers reporting its effectiveness in improving cardiovascular, circulation and reproduction systems and in curing impotence, sky fruit is an herbal remedy that is worth to try.