Benefits of Sky Fruit

Benefits & side effects of sky fruit seeds

Sky fruit seeds are not just any fruit seeds. In fact, the seeds have abundance of health benefits once consumed. Abundance health benefit that the seeds have is mainly because the seeds contain huge amount of flavonoids and saponins. Treating clogged blood circulation can even be managed with the help from sky fruit tree seeds. There are also many other benefits from the seeds that may surprise you. This allows you to have easier way to enjoy its benefit in daily basis.

This seed is often known sky fruit seed in chinese and is very familiar among natives living in areas with sky fruit trees. Locals usually just grind the seeds to create the powder and use the powder to make sky fruit tea. The result is healthy drink for diet. Inside the seeds, there are 27 saponins types and 33 flavonoids types. These make them become nutritionally rich, as rich as ginseng. Even more, they have more beneficial nutrients for health including proteins, minerals, fatty acids and also vitamins.

Immune System

Do you also know that sky fruit seeds health benefits also include treating malaria disease? Exactly, this seed is as effective. Thanks to antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it can treat malaria and similar other diseases. In fact, further studies also show that the seeds have proven to be beneficial in treating hepatitis c.

What a great seed right? And it can also be used to increase libido both in women and men as well as to strengthen the body by boosting the immune system. Shortly said, the seed definitely multiple functions. And none of those benefits should be wasted for nothing. Instead, you should grab the chance to increase your quality of life.

Treat constipation

Let’s start with the first minor benefit of sky fruit seed. This seed is proven to be effective treatment for constipation and better digestion. Instead of taking chemical medicines, this seed is as effective and it doesn’t even have any side effect. If you can get the sky fruit fruit, just mash the fruit and mix it with lukewarm water. Stir it until well combined before drinking it. Repeat it at least twice a day for several days until you see improvement. Usually, it shows improvement within only two days.

Increase your appetite

The next health benefit is increasing the appetite especially when you have just recovered from some disease. Getting back your appetite is important to maintain your health. And sky fruit seed always gives you a hand. You only need to eat one seed every day. This dosage is enough to help you regain appetite within only a few days.

Control Blood Sugar

This seed has also been proven to be effective in lowering blood sugar level especially if you suffer from diabetes. What you have to do is following the instructions. Get ½ teaspoon sky fruit seed powder and mix it with lukewarm mater. Mix it until combined well. Then, drink the mixture 3 times a day before meals. This will reduce and stabilize your blood sugar.

Treat Cold and Fever

Sky fruit seed is also known to treat any fever and colds. This sky fruit how to eat for treating cold and fever is very easy. All you have to do is mixing ½ teaspoon of sky fruit powdered seed and ¼ cup of water and one tablespoon honey for taste. It’s recommended to drink the tea while it’s still warm. Repeat it at least 2 to 3 times every day for best result.

Treat Rheumatism and Eczema

Using sky fruit seed as cure for eczema and rheumatism is also another excellent idea. The recipe for this cure is considerably easy. You only need three things, one tablespoon of honey, ½ cup of lukewarm water and ½ teaspoon of powdered seeds. It’s better to drink it right after you make it. Repeat this good habit three times every day and monitor your condition.

Relief menstrual pain

Another health benefit from the seed is to relief the pain during menstrual period. This solution has been proven to effective. You do not need to do anything special with the seeds. You only have to eat the sky fruit fruits in the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Through regular consumptions, you will also find out the seeds can reduce the menstrual pain as well.

Prevent Colon Cancer

One of the most terrifying things in everyone’s live is hearing the word cancer for the doctors. Patients with cancer actually have potential to be fully cured including those who suffer from colon cancer. The name of colon cancer may be scary but it can actually be prevented with regular intake of sky fruit seeds. This can happen because sky fruit seeds have excellent anti-inflammatory abilities.

Increase Fertility

If you are a woman and looking forward for pregnancy, try putting sky fruit seeds into your everyday’s life. This seed is proven to be effective in increasing woman’s fertility. So, take this herbal medicine along with your doctor prescription for better result.


As for people with hypertension, these seeds are advantageous to help treat the symptoms of hypertension. What you should do is adding 8 grams sky fruit seeds that are just freshly brewed into 2 glass hot water. Let the drink to cool off, strain it and drink it twice in the morning and afternoon.

Bug repellent

Sky fruit seeds are effective bug repellents especially the powder form. What you have to do is making the spray by mixing the powder and water. Then, use it as spray to repel any bugs.