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Sky fruit is traditionally used to promote blood circulation and for a lot of general health issues. In the year 1996, a team of renowned American biochemists encountered the discovery of abundant Flavonoids and Saponins in the sky fruit.

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If you are diabetic, then the sky fruit is highly beneficial for you. On a weekly consumption of this fruit, it helps to lower the glucose level in the blood.

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the common problems which is faced by a lot of men in our society. This is caused due to stress and work pressure.

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Skin Allergy

If you are having a lot of skin allergies, then sky fruit is the best foryou. Grind a small amount of the seeds with the help of a masher and drink it along with water.

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we can assure you that we never compromise on our quality standards and are one of the best in the market at present . This product has its grasp on overseas also and has a very good repute. Our products are available at very competitive prices and it is available in all local supermarket attracting a great positive feedback from the customers. And many of our clients are fully satisfied with it. We will be happy to show our product to you at your convenience. We will look forward to seeing you soon.

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The SkyFruit (Fructus Swietenia Macrophylla) is a wonderful, unique fruit, which is an incredibly high mineral and vitamin content of amazing effects on the human body. The growing trees mature in about 40-60 meters tall and 90 days after flowering to bear on the tasty fruit.

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